Drink measurements

How Much is a Part in a Drink?
A part is simply a relative measurement and works for single drinks and large batches. For example, when the recipe calls for 1 part of ingredient A, and 2 parts of ingredient B, you use twice as much of ingredient B.

Dash or Splash
A dash is bigger than a splash, but both are small amounts. You use them to flavor a cocktail for taste, so it’s a bit of a judgment call. A splash generally involves less viscous liquids such as mixers, whereas dashes are used with stronger flavourings, such as tabasco.

Jiggers are metal measuring devices that usually have two cones, one on either end.

Get used to these terms and measurements:
Jigger: 1 1/2 oz. (imperial) 2.4 cl (Metric)
Cup: 8 oz. (imperial) 24 cl (Metric)
Tablespoon: 1/2 oz. (imperial) 1.5 cl (Metric)

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