The Speed Pourer

The speed pourer, or bottle pourer, is a luxury item for most home bartenders.

Here are a few quick tips on how to become a speed pouring master:

1. Get your bearings
Place the speed pourer in the bottle so the pouring hole faces the front label. That way, you’ll always know which direction the hole is pointing.

2. Use the blow hole
To slow down the pour, use your finger to block the air hole on top of the pourer.

3. Upend it
Hold the bottle upside down over the glass and count to three to pour 1½  ounces of liquid.

4. Plug it
Never store a bottle for long with the speed pourer in it because air gets in and shortens its shelf life.

Practice with an empty bottle filled with water and fill a shot glass while counting. After a few times of doing this you will have trained yourself to this rhythm and know exactly how much you’ve poured.

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