Absolut Vodka, Lemon Juice, Apple Liqueur, Apple Juice, Simple Syrup

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The Appletini is a classic 90’s vodka cocktail that’s typically known for its vibrant color and breezy apple flavor. Experiencing the Appletini is like diving straight into the easy breezy LA lifestyle of the 90’s.

What does the Appletini taste like?

The Appletini tastes like a bright and sour apple candy poured into an ice-cold cocktail glass. How much you lean into that candy aspect is entirely up to you, but if you follow our recipe you’ll end up with a light, breezy and sophisticated cocktail that tastes kinda like biting into a big green apple.

How do you garnish an Appletini?

Here’s a great opportunity to get fancy with your garnish! Apples are pretty easy to cut and work with, so don’t be afraid to try anything from apple slices to apple fans or even ribbons if you’re up for it!

Hot tip: Pierce your garnish on an olive spear before adding it to the drink! This makes it easier to find that perfect grammable placement before people start taking pictures.

How do you make the perfect Appletini?

Make sure to use fresh, high quality ingredients and you’ll end up with a sophisticated and truly mind-blowing cocktail. And yes, that goes for the lemon juice too. Lemon juice should always come straight from a lemon, never a bottle.

The Appletini contains more ingredients than you may be used to, but don’t let that intimidate you! Use a jigger or small measuring cup to make sure you get those ratios right. An old bartending hack is to make sure you start by adding the cheapest ingredients first. That way you can just start over if you mess up.

Last, but not least, you’ll want to shake the ever-living hell out of this drink. Shaking builds both flavor and texture by whipping air into your cocktail, so make sure to dig deep and show that liquid who’s boss. If you’re using a normal Boston Shaker, you can tell that the drink is done when you start seeing condensation on the side of your shaker.

Appletini Ingredients

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Hot Tip: Appletinis can easily be pre-batched before the party! Just pour all ingredients into a bottle, store it in the fridge, and wake it up with a shaker right before serving! If you’re garnishing with apple, make sure to cut them right before serving or they’ll go brown overnight.

Appletini Recipes and Variations

Apple Strudel Martini
Add Cinnamon Schnapps Liqueur to make a yummy drink treat.

Apple Martini
Same ingredients but a stronger more typical martini taste.

Absolut Unboxed
Don’t have simple syrup? You can make this Appletini variation using sugar.

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