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Singapore Sling

Gin, Lemon Juice, Pineapple Juice, Cherry Liqueur, Triple Sec, Pimms Cup No 1, Bitters, Simple Syrup, Soda Water, Cherry, Pineapple

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How to make

Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add gin, cherry liqueur, triple sec, Pimm's cup no 1, lemon juice, simple syrup, pineapple juice and bitters. Shake and strain into a highball glass. Top up with soda water. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and a cherry.

Story about Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling is a cocktail that was developed sometime before 1915 by Ngiam Tong Boon, a bartender working at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel Singapore. The current Raffles Hotel recipe is a heavily modified version of the original, most likely changed sometime in the 1970s by Ngiam Tong Boon's nephew.

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Gin Lemon Juice Pineapple Juice Cherry Liqueur Triple Sec Pimms Cup No 1 Bitters Simple Syrup Soda Water Cherry Pineapple
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