beets martini in environment
beets martini in environment

Beets Martini

Beet Infused Vodka, 柠檬汁, 椰子糖浆, 姜汁, 肉豆蔻

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How to mix a Beets Martini

在波士顿摇酒壶中装满冰块。 添加所有原料。 摇匀、过滤到冰镇 鸡尾酒杯中。 用肉豆蔻装饰。

如何搭配Beets Martini

Making your own beetroot infused vodka is super easy if you've got the right tools! Just take 2 beets, chop them up into 16 equally sized chunks, stick them in a sealable bag and add 1 l of Absolut Vodka before sealing the bag. Using a sous vide, heat the bag at 55 C for 4 hours. Once it's done, cool everything down by chucking the bag into an ice bath. Lastly, use a strainer to separate the beets from your vodka, and pour your fresh homemade beetroot vodka back into the bottle it came from. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


Beet Infused Vodka 柠檬汁 椰子糖浆 姜汁 肉豆蔻