Bebidas e coquetéis com Vodka

Vodka is a clear, distilled spirit that originates from the countries within the “Vodka Belt” of Europe. Traditionally, Vodka is made from fermented and distilled cereal grains, and in our case, winter wheat from the fields surrounding Åhus. In home bartending, Vodka is used to make famous drinks like the Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, and White Russian among many other modern classics.

espresso martini in environmentespresso martini in environment

Espresso Martini

Absolut Vodka, Licor Kahlúa, Expresso, Grão de café

moscow mule in environmentmoscow mule in environment

Moscow Mule

Absolut Vodka, Suco de Limão, Cerveja de gengibre, Limão

absolut vodka martini in environmentabsolut vodka martini in environment

Absolut Vodka Martini

Absolut Vodka, Vermute seco, Raspas de limão, Azeitonas verdes

lemon drop in environmentlemon drop in environment

Lemon Drop

Absolut Citron, Suco de lima-da-pérsia, Xarope simples, Limão

cosmopolitan in environmentcosmopolitan in environment


Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, Suco de Limão, Suco de cranberry, Raspas de laranja

vodka cranberry in environmentvodka cranberry in environment

Vodka Cranberry

Absolut Vodka, Suco de cranberry, Limão

skinny bitch in environmentskinny bitch in environment

Skinny Bitch

Absolut Vodka, Água com gás, Suco de Limão, Limão

pornstar martini in environmentpornstar martini in environment

Pornstar Martini

Absolut Vanilia, Puré de maracujá, Xarope de baunilha, Abacaxi, Maracujá

appletini in environmentappletini in environment


Absolut Vodka, Suco de lima-da-pérsia, Xarope simples, Licor de maçã, Suco de maçã

vodka mojito in environmentvodka mojito in environment

Vodka Mojito

Absolut Vodka, Xarope simples, Folha de hortelã, Limão, Água com gás

sex on the beach in environmentsex on the beach in environment

Sex On The Beach

Absolut Vodka, Suco de laranja claro, Suco de cranberry, Schnapps de pêssego, Limão, Cereja

mango breeze in environmentmango breeze in environment

Mango Breeze

Absolut Mango, Suco de cranberry, Suco de laranja, Manga

grenadine fizz in environmentgrenadine fizz in environment

Grenadine Fizz

Absolut Vodka, Suco de lima-da-pérsia, Groselha, Xarope simples, Água com gás

passion fruit martini in environmentpassion fruit martini in environment

Passion Fruit Martini

Absolut Vodka, Puré de maracujá, Suco de lima-da-pérsia, Xarope simples, Licor de maracujá, Maracujá

blue hawaiian in environmentblue hawaiian in environment

Blue Hawaiian

Absolut Vodka, Curaçao Blue, Xarope de coco, Suco de abacaxi, Cereja

vodka ginger ale in environmentvodka ginger ale in environment

Vodka Ginger Ale

Absolut Vodka, Ginger Ale (Refrigerante de gengibre), Limão

absolut pears martini in environmentabsolut pears martini in environment

Absolut Pears Martini

Absolut Pears, Xarope simples, Suco de lima-da-pérsia, Compota de pera, Pera

absolut citron lemonade in environmentabsolut citron lemonade in environment

Absolut Citron Lemonade

Absolut Citron, Limonada, Água com gás, Limão

absolut lime mojito in environmentabsolut lime mojito in environment

Absolut Lime Mojito

Absolut Lime, Suco de Limão, Xarope simples, Água com gás, Folha de hortelã, Limão

vodka soda in environmentvodka soda in environment

Vodka Soda

Absolut Vodka, Água com gás, Suco de Limão, Limão

absolut mandrin punch in environmentabsolut mandrin punch in environment

Absolut Mandrin Punch

Absolut Mandrin, Ginger Ale (Refrigerante de gengibre), Suco de abacaxi, Limão, Limão

absolut watermelon vodkarita in environmentabsolut watermelon vodkarita in environment

Absolut Watermelon Vodkarita

Absolut Watermelon, Watermelon Juice, Suco de Limão, Xarope simples, Licor de laranja

vodka tonic in environmentvodka tonic in environment

Vodka Tonic

Absolut Vodka, Água tônica, Limão

simple vanilla vodka recipe in environmentsimple vanilla vodka recipe in environment

Simple Vanilla Vodka Recipe

Absolut Vanilia, Suco de Limão, Refrigerante de Limão, Limão