Red Clover Against White Background

Red Clover

Absolut Vodka, Succo di limone, Sciroppo, Albume, Lampone

Come mixare

Pestare lamponi in uno shaker boston. Aggiungere Absolut Vodka, succo di limone, sciroppo e albume. Riempire con cubetti di ghiaccio. Agitare e filtrare in un bicchiere da cocktail.

'Ciò che non sai sul drink Red Clover

The Clover Club once was a gentleman's hangout in Philadelphia, and records show that a drink with the same name was known already at the beginning of the 1900s. But on the other side of Prohibition (1920--1933) the Clover Club seems to have been almost forgotten. Today, it's been rediscovered, but our version holds vodka instead of the original gin.

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