BBQ Cocktails

Sometimes we just need a day to relax and grill out with our closest friends or special someone. Nothing wraps up a weekend like a Sunday grill sesh, and nothing complements a delicious BBQ better than a refreshing, ice-cold drink. Usually beer is front and center during a BBQ, but why not class it up a bit with some refreshing cocktails? You’ve already got that fancy meat rub from the supermarket, so throw some of your favorites on the grill and enjoy a delicious drink.

Grilling is the most basic form of cooking: cooking food over an open flame. The history of grilling stretches all the way back to the caveman days, when one of our brilliant ancestors discovered that holding meat over a flame would cook it (which was, of course, a new sensation than simply eating it raw). Today, BBQs are a time to relax, celebrate, and sip on a fresh drink. Bring your BBQ out of the dark with an updated drink menu!

Whip up a fresh batch of sangria for your guests to enjoy while your burgers and dogs are cooking. Is the scorching heat too much for you to handle? Nothing that a frozen margarita or daiquiri can’t fix. Make a pitcher before your friends arrive, so no one had to wait for fresh drinks. Spice up even the most basic BBQ with these fun drinks that are sure to get your guests talking (and drinking).

If you want to make a real evening out of it, spruce up your classic BBQ with some chic cocktails. Sip martinis out of your favorite glass or warm up chilled fall bones with hot spiced cider topped with brandy. Either way, you can transform a traditional BBQ into a fabulous get together.

Call your friends, stop at the store and get those drinks ready because you’re about to throw a BBQ like no other. Prep a quick pre-game for a night out or turn the BBQ into a full on bash with some boozy classics the crowd will love. Fill up that cup and enjoy the grilled (and shaken) goodness!

Turn up the class with one of these cocktails

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