Brunch Cocktails

Brunch has become more than just an abbreviation for breakfast and lunch, it’s a weekend ritual. It’s a time to get together with friends to discuss wild weekends or share some quality time with your special someone.

Some say brunch came about when big stars making trips between NYC and LA would stopover in Chicago for a late morning meal. And, since most restaurants were closed on Sundays, fancy hotels were the first to pioneer our new favorite meal. Soon restaurants hopped on the bandwagon and even us commoners could enjoy decadent spreads and morning cocktails like a Bloody Mary or the Mimosa.

Nowadays, you can choose a trendy brunch spot with three kinds of avocado toast or a buffet style brunch featuring breakfast classics. Google search “brunch near me” and you’ll find plenty of options to fit exactly what you’re in the mood for. There is sure to be something to fit your group size, budget and style.

No matter what type of restaurant you chose, you could probably use a bit of “hair of the dog” after the weekend, and a boozy brunch is the perfect solution. Mix and match your favorite fresh juices and champagne for a unique mimosa option.

Some brunch restaurants offer mimosa or bloody mary bars, where you can create your own concoctions. Pile your bloody high with extras like pickles, olives, celery, tabasco and so much more. Don’t forget the bacon!

Don’t like mimosas or bloodys? There are always a plethora of other great cocktails on the menu. Many restaurants create their own signature brunch sips featuring various flavored syrups, liquor and mixers.

Keep it simple with something bubbly or get your drink on with something a little stronger, like vodka. If you’re in desperate need of caffeine, try a coffee based drink like an espresso martini or an Irish coffee. The possibilities are truly endless!

No matter what drink or dish you chose, brunch is about spending time with the people you care about (and getting the perfect Instagram photo!). So pull up a chair, pour yourself a mimosa and enjoy America’s new favorite pastime.

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