Shakers and Strainers

Boston Shaker

The Boston Shaker is used to mix as well as chill the drink ingredients. It’s got two parts: a flexible metal tin and a mixing glass. Fill ice and liquids in the mixing glass. Put fit the tin part on top and press lightly to form a seal. Shake it up. You need an additional strainer to trickle the mixed drink into a glass.

The Hawthorne strainer

The Hawthorne usually has a spiral on the edge to keep ice cubes and fruit lumps out of your drinks. When you buy a shaker, it often comes with a strainer. In a pinch, an everyday kitchen strainer works as well.

The Julep strainer

This one is shaped like a bowl with a handle, and will fit tightly into a mixing glass or shaker when inserted at the proper angle. Liquid passes through holes or slits in the bowl.

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