Shakers and Strainers

The shaker and strainer are two of the most indispensable tools in the home bartender’s arsenal. While it may just seem like a fancy way of mixing your ingredients together, shaking actually does a lot more to your drinks than it might seem at first. Here’s everything you need to know about shakers, strainers and how to use them.

The Boston Shaker and Hawthorne Strainer
If you’re just getting into home bartending, we recommend that you invest in a tin-on-tin Boston Shaker as it’s more flexible and durable than the ones made out of glass. Plus, almost every Boston Shaker comes with a Hawthorne Strainer, which will let you separate your cocktail from ice shards, fruit pulp and other bits you might not want in your drink. 

Don’t own a shaker? Use a jam jar with a tightly sealed lid instead!

How to use a cocktail shaker

Drinks to shake and strain

vodka sour in environmentvodka sour in environment

Vodka Sour

Absolut Vodka, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Bitters, Egg White, Cherry, Lemon

espresso martini in environmentespresso martini in environment

Espresso Martini

Absolut Vodka, Kahlúa, Espresso, Coffee Beans

lemon drop martini in environmentlemon drop martini in environment

Lemon Drop Martini

Absolut Vodka, Absolut Citron, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Triple Sec, Lemon Zest

ramos gin fizz in environmentramos gin fizz in environment

Ramos Gin Fizz

Gin, Cream, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Orange Flower Water, Egg White, Soda Water, Orange Zest

whiskey sour in environmentwhiskey sour in environment

Whiskey Sour

Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Egg White, Cherry

aligatorade in environmentaligatorade in environment


Pineapple, Lime Juice, Coconut Water, Absolut Citron, Bitters, Pineapple

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