absolut sparkling ice in environment
absolut sparkling ice in environment
absolut sparkling ice against white background

Absolut Sparkling Ice

Absolut Vodka, Sparkling Wine

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How to make

Pour all ingredients in a cocktail glass. Add an ice ball flavored with store-bought or homemade cordial of your choice*. *To make homemade raspberry OR passion fruit OR cucumber mint cordial flavored ice balls: Blend 100 g raspberries OR 100 g passion fruit puree OR ½ cucumber and 25 g mint with 500 ml of simple syrup. Strain through a fine strainer and freeze in ice sphere molds. Leftover cordial can be stored refrigerated in a clean, airtight container.

Story about Absolut Sparkling Ice

This cocktail has been created for the 2020 limited-edition bottle: Absolut Movement

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Absolut Vodka Sparkling Wine
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