Glass types

Rocks glass
This straight, short glass is sometimes called an old-fashioned, a tumbler or quite simply a whiskey glass. It holds around 7 fl oz. (200 milliliters) and is used for short drinks and straight spirits on the rocks.

Highball glass
The highball glass is probably the most used type of drink glass nowadays. Usually it holds around 7 fl oz. (200 milliliters). A Collins Glass is a kind of highball, a bit taller and more slender.

Shot glass
The smallest glass in the family is mainly used for serving. It can also come in handy as a measuring glass as it holds 1.5-2 fl oz. (40-60 milliliters). Sometimes called a shooter or a pony glass.

Chilled glasses
If you have a freezer at hand, you can skip chilling your cocktail glasses with ice. Shooters and rocks glasses are nice to have pre-chilled too. A chilled glass keeps cocktails crisp and cool longer, and adds aesthetics to the final presentation. Even if you only do a quick chill you will never regret it.

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