absolut smoked pineapple in environment
absolut smoked pineapple in environment

Absolut Smoked Pineapple

Limone, Ananas, Sage, Sciroppo, Absolut Vodka, Scotch Whisky, Ananas, Sage

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Pestare limone, ananas, sage e sciroppo in un tumbler basso ghiacciato. Aggiungere Absolut Vodka. Riempire con ghiaccio tritato. Aggiungere scotch whisky. Decorare con ananas e sage.

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This cocktail gets its smoky profile from peated whisky. As long as its smoky, you can use any whisky you prefer, so don't be afraid to experiment!

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Limone Ananas Sage Sciroppo Absolut Vodka Scotch Whisky Ananas Sage