How to plan the perfect summer party

During summer, barbecues, picnics and backyard parties abound. We have gathered a few notes for how to make the most of taking your outdoor party.

Pitcher friendly
Many drinks are easy to prepare in advance and keep at-the-ready in pitchers or larger bottles. If such pitcher-friendly drinks contain a carbonated ingredient, simply add that when you are ready serve as a “top up” so the carbonation doesn’t fizzle out. 

Keep cool
Try to keep pre-made pitchers as cold as possible. If it’s warm, the ice will melt too quickly and your drinks can easily become “over-diluted”. Vacuum pitchers are not a bad idea, especially those you can shake so that your drink is well-mixed when pouring. 

Large ice melts slower
There are several sizes of ice trays: go for the bigger ones. If you really want to show off, freeze ice in clean plastic boxes and break it up yourself with an ice pick.  Large uneven blocks look better, and will keep your drinks, pitchers or bowls cold and slow down dilution. Frozen fruit not only keeps the drink cold, but allows its character to subtly change over time as it melts. 

Hot summer days call for non-alcoholic alternatives to serve your guests. There are plenty of refreshing and great tasting non-alcoholic drinks, so don’t just serve a simple soda. Enjoy our ideas responsibly in the sunshine and don’t forget to drink an extra glass of water.

Refreshing summer drinks

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