Bevande e cocktail

Clear drinks and cocktails to match your mood or party theme. Clear drinks are great to serve on New Year's Eve and at cocktail parties. The common ingredients in clear drinks and cocktails are vodka, gin, and soda water. Common clear cocktails include a Martini and Vodka Martini and a Dirty Martini.

absolut vodka martini in environmentabsolut vodka martini in environment

Absolut Vodka Martini

Absolut Vodka, Vermut Secco, Scorza di limone, Oliva verde

skinny bitch in environmentskinny bitch in environment

Skinny Bitch

Absolut Vodka, Soda, Succo di lime, Lime

vodka mojito in environmentvodka mojito in environment

Vodka Mojito

Absolut Vodka, Sciroppo, Fogliolina di menta, Lime, Soda

grenadine fizz in environmentgrenadine fizz in environment

Grenadine Fizz

Absolut Vodka, Succo di limone, Granatina, Sciroppo, Soda

vodka soda in environmentvodka soda in environment

Vodka Soda

Absolut Vodka, Soda, Succo di lime, Lime

dirty martini in environmentdirty martini in environment

Dirty Martini

Gin, Vermut Secco, Salamoia di olive, Oliva verde

vodka tonic in environmentvodka tonic in environment

Vodka Tonic

Absolut Vodka, Acqua tonica, Lime

simple vanilla vodka recipe in environmentsimple vanilla vodka recipe in environment

Simple Vanilla Vodka Recipe

Absolut Vanilia, Succo di lime, Soda all’aroma di limone-lime, Lime

lychee martini in environmentlychee martini in environment

Lychee Martini

Absolut Vodka, Liquore al litchi, Litchi

raspberry vodka tonic in environmentraspberry vodka tonic in environment

Raspberry Vodka Tonic

Absolut Raspberri, Acqua tonica, Succo di lime, Lampone

elderflower collins in environmentelderflower collins in environment

Elderflower Collins

Absolut Vodka, Soda, Succo di limone, Cordiale ai fiori di sambuco, Limone

vodka lime in environmentvodka lime in environment

Vodka Lime

Absolut Vodka, Cordiale al lime, Lime

gin tonic in environmentgin tonic in environment

Gin Tonic

Gin, Acqua tonica, Limone

buffalo bill against white backgroundbuffalo bill against white background

Buffalo Bill

Absolut Vodka, Vermut Secco, Vermut dolce, Amari

flaming sambuca in environmentflaming sambuca in environment

Flaming Sambuca


extrakt tonic in environmentextrakt tonic in environment

Extrakt Tonic

Absolut Extrakt, Acqua tonica, Limone, Lime

absolut watermelon and soda in environmentabsolut watermelon and soda in environment

Absolut Watermelon and Soda

Absolut Watermelon, Soda, Anguria, Lime

mojito in environmentmojito in environment


Rum light, Succo di lime, Sciroppo, Fogliolina di menta, Soda

absolut mango mojito in environmentabsolut mango mojito in environment

Absolut Mango Mojito

Absolut Mango, Sciroppo, Lime, Fogliolina di menta, Mango

absolut mango soda in environmentabsolut mango soda in environment

Absolut Mango Soda

Absolut Mango, Soda, Succo di lime, Mango

absolut watermelon sodaabsolut watermelon soda

Absolut Watermelon Soda

Absolut Watermelon, Soda, Anguria, Lime

flatliner in environmentflatliner in environment


Sambuca, Tequila bianca, Salsa piccante

absolut watermelon and lemon-lime soda in environmentabsolut watermelon and lemon-lime soda in environment

Absolut Watermelon and Lemon-lime soda

Absolut Watermelon, Soda all’aroma di limone-lime, Anguria, Lime

tequila slammer against white backgroundtequila slammer against white background

Tequila Slammer

Tequila bianca, Ginger ale