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牙买加黑朗姆酒, 简易糖浆, 苦味酒, 开水, 青柠

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How to mix a Grog

在调酒杯中搅动所有原料。 倒入到冰镇 威士忌杯中。 用青柠装饰。


Grog is a classic cocktail with its roots in the British navy. It's a strong, warm, and slightly sweet beverage that balances the potency of dark Jamaican rum with hot water, a touch of simple syrup for added sweetness, and a dash of bitters. Finally, it's polished off with a slice of lime for a little tangy touch at the end!

Q: What is the history of Grog?
A: Grog started off as a drink for sailors in the British navy. It was born out of the need to both make the stored water more palatable and to ensure the sailors weren't consuming too much alcohol. The mixture of rum, water, and other additions was a practical way to stretch out the ship's rum supply and reduce drunkenness at sea!

Q: What is Grog made of?
A: Grog is a cocktail made of dark Jamaican rum, boiled water, a bit of simple syrup to sweeten it up, a couple dashes of bitters, and a piece of lime for garnish. It's the perfect balance between warmth, strength, and subtle sweetness!


牙买加黑朗姆酒 简易糖浆 苦味酒 开水 青柠