Frozen Margarita In Environment
Frozen Margarita Against White Background

Frozen Margarita

Tequila Blanco, Triple Seco, Zumo de Lima

Cómo hacer la mezcla

Llenar una batidora con hielo. Añadir todos los ingredientes. Mezcla y servir en una copa de cóctel.

Acerca deFrozen Margarita

The Frozen Margarita has many a story about its origins. While the history is a little icy, one thing that’s history is solid is when the Frozen Margarita machine was invented, which was May 11, 1971, by restaurant owner Mariano Martinez. Basically a converted soft-serve ice cream machine, the original machine is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of History. Some other facts include: the Margarita was the "Drink of the Month" in Esquire magazine in December of 1953, and further popularized by the Jimmy Buffett song "Margaritaville".

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