michelada in environment
michelada in environment


Chili Lime Seasoning, 番茄汁, 青柠汁, 辣椒酱, Soy Sauce, 啤酒, 青柠

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How to mix a Michelada

在长水杯中装满冰块。 添加chili lime seasoning、番茄汁、青柠汁、辣椒酱 、soy sauce。 用啤酒加满。 用青柠装饰。


The Michelada recipe, much like the Bloody Mary, is very open to interpretation and should always be made to taste. Want something spicier? Use more hot sauce. Want something saltier? Add a pinch of salt. Think it would taste good with some chopped cilantro? Go for it! The recipe above is a great place to start, but what matters most in the end is that you like it, so make sure to experiment!


Chili Lime Seasoning 番茄汁 青柠汁 辣椒酱 Soy Sauce 啤酒 青柠