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Absolut Wild Berri Cosmo

Absolut Wild Berri, Triple Seco, Zumo De Lima, Zumo De Arándano, Orange Zest

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Cómo hacer la mezcla

Llenar una coctelera boston con hielo. Añadir todos los ingredientes. Agitar y colar en una copa de cóctel. Decorar con orange zest.

Acerca de Absolut Wild Berri Cosmo

• One of the most common mistakes is to over pour the cranberry juice. A proper Cosmopolitan should be “blushingly pink”!
• Flame the oils of your orange zest twist with a lighter over the drink if you want to impress your friends and become the center of attention at the party!
• When shaking: Remember to wake the drink to life, do not rock it to bed.

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Absolut Wild Berri Triple Seco Zumo De Lima Zumo De Arándano Orange Zest