Fiesta karaoke

The karaoke party is like the mother of all parties, so let go of your self-consciousness and get ready for some serious caterwauling!

Karaoke originated in Japan, so why not add an Asian theme to your drink list? Sip on a Japanese Fizz in between the songs or down an Absolut Asian Shooter if you have to work up the nerve to sing.

Now raise your glass and raise your voice; it’s going to be an epic night!

Do’s and Dont’s:

Dare to try on a song out of your range, it’s all fun and games anyway!

Don’t make your guests sing if you don’t. The party planner has to be the bravest of them all.

japanese fizz against white backgroundjapanese fizz against white background

Japanese Fizz

Japanese Fizz

Bourbon, Zumo de Limón, Oporto Tinto, Clara de Huevo, Soda, Limón, Cereza Al Maraschino

thai daisy against white backgroundthai daisy against white background

Thai Daisy

Thai Daisy

Crema de Coco, Agua, Zumo de Lima, Sirope de Horchata de Almendras, Lima