How to use a muddler

Mojito-lovers, rejoice! Today, we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about muddling! If you don’t have a muddler at hand, just use a wooden spoon or rolling pin!

Need some practice? Here are 8 easy recipes to get you started!

  • The Muddler is one of the most important tools for home bartending, especially if you’re a fan of fresh-tasting and herby cocktails like the classic Mojito. The tool itself looks like a small wooden baton and is used to extract juices and essential oils from your herbs, berries and fruits by gently crushing them inside of your mixing vessel.

  • The kind of muddler you choose should be entirely up to taste. However, there are a few things we think you should keep in mind when you make your choice. First of all, we recommend that you get a tall muddler with a wide bottom. A longer handle means less scratches on your knuckles as you use it. The second thing to keep in mind is material. Here, we prefer an unlacquered wooden muddler. Metal muddlers run the risk of destroying your glasses, and lacquered muddlers often get scratched, leaving bits of lacquer in your drink.

  • Start by adding ingredients to your mixing container, and crush them with your muddler until all juices and oils have been extracted. The trick here is to press and twist in one fluid motion. This technique is especially important when you’re muddling herbs, as over-muddling leads to torn leaves and bitter-tasting chlorophyll ending up in your drink.

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mojito in environmentmojito in environment


Mint Leaf, Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, Light Rum, Soda Water, Mint Leaf

vodka mojito in environmentvodka mojito in environment

Vodka Mojito

Absolut Vodka, Simple Syrup, Mint Leaf, Lime, Soda Water, Mint Leaf

caipiroska in environmentcaipiroska in environment


Absolut Vodka, Simple Syrup, Lime

vodka basil smash in environmentvodka basil smash in environment

Vodka Basil Smash

Absolut Vodka, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Basil

pornstar martini in environmentpornstar martini in environment

Pornstar Martini

Absolut Vanilia, Passion Fruit Purée, Vanilla Syrup, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit

mint julep in environmentmint julep in environment

Mint Julep

Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Mint Leaf

old fashioned in environmentold fashioned in environment

Old Fashioned

Sugar Cube (white), Bitters, Bourbon, Orange

absolut ginger smash in environmentabsolut ginger smash in environment

Absolut Ginger Smash

Lemon, Mint Leaf, Absolut Äpple, Ginger Ale

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