Drinks & Cocktails with Jalapeno

The definition of heat, Chile pepper, comes in over a hundred variations. Jalapeno is one of them, but any will do – take the kind you prefer.

spicy mangotini in environmentspicy mangotini in environment

Spicy Mangotini

Absolut Mango, Absolut Peppar, Lemon Juice, Mango Puree, Simple Syrup, Jalapeno

spicy fifty in environmentspicy fifty in environment

Spicy Fifty

Absolut Vanilia, Lime Juice, Honey, Elderflower Cordial, Jalapeno

absolut chocolate chili martini against white backgroundabsolut chocolate chili martini against white background

Absolut Chocolate Chili Martini

Absolut Peppar, Chocolate Liqueur, Brown Sugar, Jalapeno

absolut spicy citrus bloody against white backgroundabsolut spicy citrus bloody against white background

Absolut Spicy Citrus Bloody

Absolut Citron, Tomato Juice, Olive Juice, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Horseradish, Jalapeno, Tomato, Ground Black Pepper, Hot Sauce

cajun vodkatini against white backgroundcajun vodkatini against white background

Cajun Vodkatini

Absolut Peppar, Dry Vermouth, Jalapeno

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