Drinks & Cocktails with Cola

The world's most famous mixer has gone through rough times, and good times – yet never really gone out of style. A dash of lime juice in it will take the taste to new dimensions.

long island iced tea in environmentlong island iced tea in environment

Long Island Iced Tea

Absolut Vodka, Light Rum, Gin, Tequila Blanco, Lemon Juice, Triple Sec, Cola, Lemon

cuba libre in environmentcuba libre in environment

Cuba Libre

Cuban Rum, Cola, Lime Juice, Lime

absolut vanilia cola in environmentabsolut vanilia cola in environment

Absolut Vanilia Cola

Absolut Vanilia, Cola, Lime

absolut fizzy cola in environmentabsolut fizzy cola in environment

Absolut Fizzy Cola

Absolut Vodka, Cola, Lime

malibu and cola against white backgroundmalibu and cola against white background

Malibu and Cola

Malibu Rum, Cola, Lime

chocolate masked martini against white backgroundchocolate masked martini against white background

Chocolate Masked Martini

Absolut Vodka, Chocolate Liqueur, Chocolate

extrakt libre against white backgroundextrakt libre against white background

Extrakt Libre

Absolut Extrakt, Cola, Lime

factory cola against white backgroundfactory cola against white background

Factory Cola

Absolut Vodka, Kahlúa, Cherry Syrup, Cola, Cherry

absolut raspberri truffle against white backgroundabsolut raspberri truffle against white background

Absolut Raspberri Truffle

Absolut Raspberri, Raspberry Liqueur, White Chocolate Liqueur, Cream

choc & nut martini against white backgroundchoc & nut martini against white background

Choc & Nut Martini

Absolut Vodka, Hazelnut Liqueur, White Chocolate Liqueur

absolut chocolate martini in environmentabsolut chocolate martini in environment

Absolut Chocolate Martini

Absolut Vodka, White Chocolate Liqueur, Crème de Menthe, White, Chocolate

cherrys cola against white backgroundcherrys cola against white background

Cherrys Cola

Absolut Cherrys, Cola, Cherry, Orange

absolut marocchino martiniabsolut marocchino martini

Absolut Marocchino Martini

Absolut Vodka, Almond Liqueur, Coffee Bean, Simple Syrup, Chocolate Bitters

arches of rome against white backgroundarches of rome against white background

Arches of Rome

Absolut Vodka, White Chocolate Liqueur, Orange

whisky and colawhisky and cola

Whisky and Cola

Irish Whiskey, Cola, Lime

absolut red fruits against white backgroundabsolut red fruits against white background

Absolut Red Fruits

Absolut Vodka, Mulberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Sugar, Superfine, Chocolate And Orange Liqueur

absolut watermelon and cokeabsolut watermelon and coke

Absolut Watermelon and Coke

Absolut Watermelon Vodka, Cola, Lime, Watermelon

whisky colawhisky cola

Whisky Cola

Scotch Whisky, Cola, Lime

lumumba against white backgroundlumumba against white background


Cognac, Milk, Chocolate Liqueur

roy rogers in environmentroy rogers in environment

Roy Rogers

Cola, Grenadine, Lemon, Cherry

black orange against white backgroundblack orange against white background

Black Orange

Absolut Mandrin, Cola, Orange

london iced tea against white backgroundlondon iced tea against white background

London Iced Tea

Light Rum, Gin, Spiced Rum, Lemon Juice, Amaretto, Cola, Lime

hollis in environmenthollis in environment


Absolut Vodka, Lillet Rouge, Sugar Syrup, Chocolate Bitters, Orange

ac against white backgroundac against white background


Absolut Vodka, Cherry Liqueur, Cola, Maraschino

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