Drinks & Cocktails with Amaro Ramazzotti

Ramazzotti is the oldest genuine House of Amaro, founded in Milan in 1815 by Ausano Ramazzotti. It is rich in quality and history and it has been the 1st to spread the italian sense of life worldwide. Ramazzotti has a wide range of products in different spirits’ segments to drink around the meal: Bitter Digestive, Bitter Aperitif and Sweet Liquors.

sit down in environmentsit down in environment

Sit Down

Absolut Lime, Calvados, Amaro Ramazzotti, Lime

the 100 negroni in environmentthe 100 negroni in environment

The 100 Negroni

Absolut 100, Amaro Ramazzotti, Kahlúa, Grapefruit

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