Vodka Basil Smash

vodka basil smash

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How to mix

Gently muddle the basil leaves and the lemon juice in a shaker, "smashing them together". Add simple syrup and Absolut Vodka and top up with ice. Shake forcefully!Double strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with basil leaves.

About Vodka Basil Smash

The original Basil Smash was created by Jörg Meyer of the Lion in Hamburg in 2008. It won the “Best New Cocktail” at the 2008 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards. The original recipe is with Gin. We think that the drink also goes really well with Absolut Vodka, it gives the drink a more distinct taste of basil and lemon. Try both and see what you prefer!

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