stay sober against white background

Stay Sober

苹果汁, 蔓越莓汁, 姜汁啤酒

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How to mix a Stay Sober

在长水杯中装满冰块。 添加苹果汁 、蔓越莓汁。 用姜汁啤酒加满。

如何搭配Stay Sober

A tip from the bartender: If you aren't into drinking alcohol don't be afraid to order a nonalcoholic cocktail! Most bartenders we know like the challenge of making something special without alcohol. Like the Stay Sober, for instance -- a thirst-quenching, good-looking drink that feels just as festive as any other.


苹果汁 蔓越莓汁 姜汁啤酒