Bevande e cocktail con Absolut Wild Berri

Absolut Wild Berri aroma has a natural expression of freshly picked berries combines with spicy hints in the flavor. A sweet and tart taste of ripe wild strawberries with an underlying symphony of berry notes resulting in a rich combination. ​

absolut wild berri cosmo in environmentabsolut wild berri cosmo in environment

Absolut Wild Berri Cosmo

Absolut Wild Berri, Triple Sec, Succo di lime, Succo di mirtillo rosso, Scorza d’arancia

absolut wild berri vodkarita in environmentabsolut wild berri vodkarita in environment

Absolut Wild Berri Vodkarita

Absolut Wild Berri, Succo di lime, Sciroppo, Mora, Limone

absolut wild berri lemonade in environmentabsolut wild berri lemonade in environment

Absolut Wild Berri Lemonade

Absolut Wild Berri, Limonata, Limone, Lampone