Valentine's Day Cocktails

Show them you care with a romantic cocktail! We have prepared a bouquet of red and pink cocktails for your sweetheart this Valentine’s day. From the Pink Lady to the ever-popular Vodka Cranberry these drinks are sure to set the mood for this most romantic day.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a red or pink cocktail. Set the mood for the most romantic holiday or throw a single’s awareness day with your friends. Get dressed up, pour yourself a drink, and bring on the chocolate! There are so many ways to make a tasty red or pink drink, so whip up some festive and flavorful cocktails that are sure to be an instant hit.

What will give your cocktails that rich red and pink color? There are a few different approaches you can take to create something really beautiful and delicious. Whether you switch up the mixer, garnish, or add a liqueur – we’re showing you how to dazzle your loved one with pink and red cocktails.

You can use different garnishes to give your drinks that Valentine’s color you’re looking for. You can choose a classic touch with a red Maraschino berry, or you can really bring on the romance with a strawberry garnish. Do a fun pink candy rim to really impress or muddle in some fresh red fruits for the same effect. Either way, these red and pink cocktails will spread the love!

There are several different kinds of liqueurs and mixers that will give you a classic Valentine’s color. Grenadine is a non-alcoholic syrup and is the perfect red color to invent a loved-up drink. Add in less for a pinker color and more for a bold red effect. You can also use Campari (a bitter, red, Italian aperitif) to add some color to your cocktails. There also plenty of juices and sodas that will also give you that color – an easy one being cranberry juice for the ever-popular Vodka Cranberry 

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