Popular Cocktails

We at Absolut Drinks have done an exhaustive research of the most popular cocktails using a number of sources including how many people search for them in Google and on Absolut Drinks. We looked at numerous surveys and rankings of various cocktails over the years to create the list below.

What we have found is that many of today’s cocktails are simply variations of the most popular drinks in the biz. Popular culture shifts drinks in and out of demand and bartenders will follow along with these trends. The Old Fashioned was literally considered “Old Fashioned” until it was the drink of choice of the swanky ad executives of Mad Men. The Cosmo was a relic of the ‘70s until Carrie Bradshaw made it the hip drink on Sex and the City. Even the Moscow Mule that was popular with young professionals in the 80’s, is a favorite for today’s professionals and hipsters alike. Just as fashion trends change, popular cocktails change as well.

The cocktail scene is constantly changing and ever-evolving, with bartenders sometimes feeling behind the curve, but they actually have an integral role in the creations of these trends. With social media, there will never be a secret cocktail for too long and trends spread like wildfire. Either way, you can enjoy your favorite popular cocktails at the bar or whip them up at home, making trends of your own. Cheers!

Is your favorite cocktail popular?

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