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4th of July Cocktails

Let freedom ring and let us drink! Celebrate independence with sparkling cocktails this Fourth of July. Whether you’re planning a BBQ, a picnic, a family reunion or a block party, you’ve got to have some freedom themed drinks. Go all out with a red, white and blue cocktail selection that will knock your guests socks off.

Raise a glass to our founding fathers and honor the day they signed the Declaration of Independence. Load up on your favorite July 4th goodies like sparklers, patriotic hats and photo props to celebrate in style. Decorate with festive banners, use themed cups and get in the spirit with an awesome playlist. Feel extra patriotic as we toast to our free and independent nation!

Thomas Jefferson is rumored to be the first to kick off Fourth of July celebrations that resemble our traditions today. He invited diplomats, chiefs and military officers to the executive mansion – where a band was setting the mood. A festival took place full of horse racing, food and (of course) drinks. Seems like the founders of our nation knew how to throw a party!

Today, we fill our cups with redwhite and blue theme drinks that reflect the birth of a nation. You can go with modern classics like the Sparkler or the Firework, but the real fun comes with colorful sips. Top your drinks with Blue Curaçao, a slightly bitter orange-flavored liqueur, to add some color to your cocktails. Or try adding Dubonnet, a wine-based aperitif, for a deep red color.

Pour yourself another drink, pull out those lawn chairs and listen to the familiar boom of fireworks this Fourth of July.

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