Drinks & Cocktails with Espresso Coffee (cold)

Italian coffee at its most basic form. The fact that the espresso is so reduced makes it a very good mixer with loads of potential.

virgin espresso in environmentvirgin espresso in environment

Virgin Espresso

Espresso Coffee (cold), Vanilla Syrup, Water, Coffee Bean

lazarus against white backgroundlazarus against white background


Absolut Vodka, Cognac, Kahlúa, Espresso Coffee (cold)

irish espresso-tini against white backgroundirish espresso-tini against white background

Irish Espresso-tini

Absolut Vanilia, Cream Liqueur, Espresso Coffee (cold)

negrita against white backgroundnegrita against white background


Pisco, Coconut Liqueur, Espresso Coffee (cold)

raspberry mochatini against white backgroundraspberry mochatini against white background

Raspberry Mochatini

Absolut Vodka, Espresso Coffee (cold), Dark Cacao Liqueur, Raspberry Liqueur

absolut grcic pearspresso against white backgroundabsolut grcic pearspresso against white background

Absolut Grcic Pearspresso

Absolut Pears, Espresso Coffee (cold), Sugar, Superfine

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