Drinks & Cocktails with Coffee Cold

The second most traded product in the world, after petroleum. Coffee drinks never seem to go out of style, and every decent bar should keep a fresh pan of hot coffee. Note that regular American coffee tend to be very diluted: stronger coffee is better to use in drinks.

absolut long espresso in environmentabsolut long espresso in environment

Absolut Long Espresso

Absolut Vanilia, Coffee Cold, Kahlúa

absolut pistachio moustachioabsolut pistachio moustachio

Absolut Pistachio Moustachio

Absolut Vodka, Coffee Cold, Condensed milk, Pistachio ice cream

black jack against white backgroundblack jack against white background

Black Jack

Cognac, Cherry Brandy, Coffee Cold, Simple Syrup

slivowitz cocktail against white backgroundslivowitz cocktail against white background

Slivowitz Cocktail

Slivovitz, Cream, Coffee Cold, Coffee Bean

pharisäer against white backgroundpharisäer against white background


Light Rum, Coffee Cold, Cream, Simple Syrup

coffee cobbler against white backgroundcoffee cobbler against white background

Coffee Cobbler

Cognac, Kahlúa, Coffee Cold, Simple Syrup

café greco against white backgroundcafé greco against white background

Café Greco

Cuban Rum, Coffee Cold

coffee hot and cool against white backgroundcoffee hot and cool against white background

Coffee Hot And Cool

Crème de Menthe, White, Coffee Cold

mazzagran against white backgroundmazzagran against white background


Cognac, Maraschino Liqueur, Simple Syrup, Bitters, Coffee Cold

café kirsch against white backgroundcafé kirsch against white background

Café Kirsch

Coffee Cold, Cherry Liqueur, Egg White, Simple Syrup

café cobbler against white backgroundcafé cobbler against white background

Café Cobbler

Cognac, Simple Syrup, Coffee Cold

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