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Welcome to Absolut Drinks, the official cocktail creation hub serving all spirits. This website is owned and managed by the Absolut Company and is governed by Pernod Ricard. Since our spirited journey began in 2006, Absolut Drinks has been shaking up the digital mixology scene. As pioneers, we launched the very first drink recipe app, Absolut Drinkspiration, coinciding with the debut of Apple’s App Store. Our journey has been one of innovation, creativity, and a deep passion for cocktail culture. 

The Experts Behind our Recipes 

Beyond the classics, our reviewed and unique recipes are formulated and tested on the 4th floor of the Absolut Cocktail lab before being published by some of the most respected mixologists: 

  • Ricardo Dynan, The Absolut Company – Global Brand Ambassador & Bartender 
  • Elyse Blechman, The Absolut Company – United States Brand Ambassador & Bartender
  • A.J. Koefoed, The Absolut Company – Nordic Brand Ambassador & Bartender
  • Michael Bergström, Purfict – Bartender and Copywriter 
  • Sander Sebton, Sebton & Co – Copywriter and Editor 
  • Kavita Singh Levin, The Absolut Company – Copywriter and Editor 
  • Derya Efetaskin, The Absolut Company – Platform Manager 

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The spirit of innovation 

At the heart of our digital mixology revolution is the Absolut Drinks List, a treasure trove of over 3,500 cocktail recipes. From timeless classics to modern twists, our menu spans all flavors and spirit types—from vodka, whiskey, and gin to rum, tequila, and non-alcoholic drinks. Our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there; to make at-home drink mixing even smoother, we’ve created our Absolut Drinks in Motion series, which sets a new standard for how-to-mix films and has earned acclaim and awards. 

We want everyone to enjoy delicious cocktails, so accessibility is key to our mission. Each recipe is brought to life with vivid images and engaging videos, complete with subtitles in several languages, making the art of cocktail preparation accessible to enthusiasts around the globe. 

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