champagne cosmo against white background

Champagne Cosmo

绝对风味伏特加(柠檬味), 蔓越莓汁, 香槟

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How to mix a Champagne Cosmo

添加绝对风味伏特加(柠檬味) 、蔓越莓汁到香槟杯中。 用香槟加满。

如何搭配Champagne Cosmo

Someone once came up with the idea of Surf 'n' Turf -- a lobster and a steak in the same dish. Tacky? Maybe. But also awesome. The same double-down zeal is at work in the Champagne Cosmo. Take an established classic. Then add something even more celebrational. Ta-da! The sweet taste of killing two birds with one stone.


绝对风味伏特加(柠檬味) 蔓越莓汁 香槟