Celebrate Espresso Martini Day With Absolut Drinks!

Join us in celebrating Espresso Martini Day on March 15th!  To help you kick things off, we’ve put together this list of recipes for everything from classic Espresso Martinis to non-alcoholic alternatives, creative twists and variations on the original recipe and a few other coffee cocktails thrown in for good measure!

As to why we celebrate Espresso Martini day on March 15th, we’ve got no idea. But hey, every day needs a reason to celebrate so why not!

  • The classic Espresso Martini is made using Vodka, Kahlúa and a fresh pulled Espresso. Regular brewed coffee can work in a pinch as long as it’s strong, just know that the foamy head won’t turn out as well as with a real Espresso.

  • The white stuff is a foam, or crema that comes from shaking. To get the perfect crema, you’ll need to shake the ever living heck out of your drink. Using real Espresso Coffee also helps.

    Wanna learn how to shake like a pro? Check out this crash course on shakers and strainers!

  • The late, great Dick Bradsell came up with the now iconic Espresso Martini recipe when a famous supermodel requested a cocktail that would wake her up and f*** her up.


espresso martini in environmentespresso martini in environment

Espresso Martini

앱솔루트 보드카, 깔루아, 에스프레소, 커피 콩

vodka espresso in environmentvodka espresso in environment

Vodka Espresso

앱솔루트 보드카, 깔루아, 에스프레소, 커피 콩

vanilia espresso martini in environmentvanilia espresso martini in environment

Vanilia Espresso Martini

앱솔루트 바니리아, 에스프레소, 깔루아, 바닐라, 커피 콩

virgin espresso in environmentvirgin espresso in environment

Virgin Espresso

찬 에스프레소 커피, 바닐라 시럽, 물, 커피 콩

absolut long espresso in environmentabsolut long espresso in environment

Absolut Long Espresso

앱솔루트 바니리아, 냉커피, 깔루아

coffee with gianni in environmentcoffee with gianni in environment

Coffee With Gianni

슈가시럽, 콜드 브루 커피, Absolut Grapefruit, 그레이프프루트

espresso button fly in environmentespresso button fly in environment

Espresso Button Fly

앱솔루트 보드카, 깔루아, 에스프레소, 슈가시럽, 커피 콩

absolut citron espresso martini in environmentabsolut citron espresso martini in environment

Absolut Citron Espresso Martini

앱솔루트 시트론, 깔루아, 에스프레소, 슈가시럽, 커피 콩

absolut mandrin espresso martini in environmentabsolut mandrin espresso martini in environment

Absolut Mandrin Espresso Martini

앱솔루트 맨드린, 에스프레소, 깔루아, 슈가시럽, 귤

absolut peppar espresso martini in environmentabsolut peppar espresso martini in environment

Absolut Peppar Espresso Martini

앱솔루트 페퍼, 깔루아, 에스프레소, 커피 콩

irish coffee in environmentirish coffee in environment

Irish Coffee

아이리시 위스키, 황설탕, 커피, 크림

vanilla cold brew nog in environmentvanilla cold brew nog in environment

Vanilla Cold Brew Nog

앱솔루트 바니리아, 콜드 브루 커피, 깔루아, Egg Nog