Vodka Bramble In Environment
Vodka Bramble Against White Background

Vodka Bramble

앱솔루트 보드카, 레몬 주스, 슈가시럽, 크렘 드 뮈르, 블랙베리

믹스 방법

락 글래스에 얼음를 채운다. 모든 재료를 넣는다. 블랙베리로 장식한다.

소개 Vodka Bramble

The blackberry is one of the more majestic-looking fruits around, and this -- combined with a flourishing cultivation of this bramble -- has currently made it boom in bars all over the globe. Trivia: Superstitious Brits thought that the Devil peed on blackberries on September 29, thus didn't pick them after that date. Muddled, the blackberry is deeply red.

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