Strawberry Kick Against White Background

Strawberry Kick

레몬 주스, 슈가시럽, 딸기, 진저엘

믹스 방법

보스턴 쉐이커에 딸기를 넣고 으깬다. 레몬 주스 및 슈가시럽를 넣는다. 얼음를 채운다. 쉐이킹을 한 후 따르세요 하이볼 글래스에 따른다. 진저엘를 가득 채운다.

소개 Strawberry Kick

Perhaps it's because a strawberry is sweet and often resembles a heart that it's come to be associated with romance. Others say it's the visible seeds that give it aphrodisiac qualities. For Strawberry Kick, though, we'll muddle the little love symbols up. If you want to make sure to get the message across, keep a strawberry as garnish.

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