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꼬냑, 슈가시럽, 압생트, 페이쇼 비터즈, 비터즈, Lemon Zest

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믹스 방법

믹싱 글래스에 얼음를 채운다. 모든 재료를 넣는다. 휘저어준 후 스트레이너를 사용하여 락 글래스에 따른다. Lemon zest로 장식한다.

소개 Sazerac

Around 1850, Sewell T. Taylor sold his bar, The Merchants Exchange Coffee House, and went into the imported liquor business. He began to import a brand of cognac named Sazerac-de-Forge et Fils. At the same time, Aaron Bird took over the Merchants Exchange and changed its name to the Sazerac House and began serving the "Sazerac Cocktail", made with Taylor's Sazerac cognac and, legend has it, the bitters being made down the street by a local druggist, Antoine Amedie Peychaud.

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꼬냑 슈가시럽 압생트 페이쇼 비터즈 비터즈 Lemon Zest