pink lemonade against white background

Pink Lemonade

레몬 주스, 슈가시럽, 비터즈, 소다수

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믹스 방법

하이볼 글래스에 얼음를 채운다. 레몬 주스, 슈가시럽 및 비터즈를 넣는다. 소다수를 가득 채운다. 휘저어준다.

소개 Pink Lemonade

Lemonade has existed about as long as lemons and sugar. To make it a little bit more exciting, we've added aromatic bitters for that nice color. Bitters appeared in the early 1800s as a cure for sea sickness and stomach maladies. Luckily, it's also great for cocktails with, and without, spirits.

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레몬 주스 슈가시럽 비터즈 소다수