irish coffee in environment
irish coffee in environment
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Irish Coffee

아이리시 위스키, 황설탕, 커피, 크림

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와인 글래스에 아이리시 위스키, 황설탕 및 커피를 넣는다. 크림를 띄운다.

소개 Irish Coffee

Although different variations of coffee cocktails pre-date the now-classic Irish coffee by at least 100 years, the original Irish coffee was according to sources invented and named by Joe Sheridan, a head chef at Foynes, County Limerick but originally from Castlederg, County Tyrone. Foynes' port was the precursor to Shannon International Airport in the west of Ireland; the coffee was conceived after a group of American passengers disembarked from a Pan Am flying boat on a miserable winter evening in the 1940s. Sheridan added whiskey to the coffee to warm the passengers. After the passengers asked if they were being served Brazilian coffee, Sheridan told them it was "Irish coffee".

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