Absolut Traveller Against White Background

Absolut Traveller

앱솔루트 시트론, 레몬 주스, 갈설탕(흰색)

믹스 방법

락 글래스에 갈설탕(흰색) 및 레몬 주스를 넣고 으깬다. 얼음를 채운다. 앱솔루트 시트론를 넣는다. 휘저어준다.

소개 Absolut Traveller

We picture you in a hotel lobby on the other side of the planet. One hand on your expensive luggage, in the other a drink. Or perhaps at home, in your comfy chair, reminiscing on adventures of the past. Just kidding. But it's a great drink!

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