absolut juice strawberry and tonic against white background

Absolut Juice Strawberry and Tonic

Absolut Juice Strawberry, Acqua Tonica, Fragola

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Come mixare

Riempire con cubetti di ghiaccio un bicchiere da vino. Aggiungere tutti gli ingredienti. Decorare con fragola.

'Ciò che non sai sul drink Absolut Juice Strawberry and Tonic

• Make sure to use plenty of ice in the glass. That will keep your drink colder, crisper and fizzier longer.

• You can never have too much ice in the freezer at home!

• Keep your Tonic Water in the fridge before serving to ensure that your drink is going to be cold and crisp!

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Absolut Juice Strawberry Acqua Tonica Fragola