Cocktails for The Big Horse Race

The Big Horse Race is known as the most exciting two minutes in sports, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn that into a celebration. We’ve prepared a selection of The Big Horse Race-inspired cocktails that will give the most prestigious events a run for their money. The Race is so much more than a horse race, it’s a long-standing tradition and the perfect reason to party!

The Big Horse Race is the longest-running sporting event in the US. It’s run every consecutive year since 1875 and isn’t slowing down! Racing parties have become popular amongst all age groups. Everyone loves an excuse to look your best, bet on horses and sip on some festive cocktails.

Watch The Big Horse Race from the comfort of your own home and throw a fun night that your friends will love. Stock up on race-themed goodies and wear a hat or fascinator for good luck. Play some wagering games to inspire the mood and make sure you don’t miss that race; it goes by fast! But, most importantly, make sure you’re stocked up on drinks!

The classic race drink is the Mint Julep, a mixture of mint, simple syrup and bourbon. This drink dates back to the 1800s and was enjoyed by farmers as a morning restorative. It simply ties together two of its hometown’s top industries, bourbon and horse racing. There are plenty of other favorites that fit the bill, but bourbon is often the key.  Another staple drink to consider is the Kentucky Iced Tea a refreshing blend of your favorite bourbon and Absolut Vodka.

Whip up a pitcher of spiked Arnold Palmers (or Arnie Palmies, as some may prefer) for guests to enjoy as the night goes on long after the race is over. Add in your favorite vodka for a simple twist. This might be a good alternative to bourbon cocktails for guests who prefer a lighter spirit. Either way, the race is a great time to try out something new!

As a long-standing American tradition, The Big Horse Race has become the center to countless parties and events. Friends and family come together to enjoy each other’s company and cocktails. Fill up your silver cup with your favorite race cocktail and watch your winnings come in!

Try your luck with one of these cocktails

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