Punch variations

They Say the Proof is in the Pudding. We say the Party is in the Punch.

Tell anyone that you’ll be having punch at your party, and they’ll immediately start conjuring up memories of their wild party past. But the story of punch goes further back than this. With a history dating back to the early seventeenth century, punch was originally a drink with sophistication, containing tea, spices, lemon and sugar.

However this heritage and recipe have long been forgotten and these days, punch has completely different connotations.

Possibly one of the most common of house party welcome drinks, punches over the years have become a mixture of whatever’s in the liqueur cabinet and some fruit (if you’re lucky).

We’ve taken it upon ourselves create a selection of punch recipes that just may bring back some class to this long standing and original cocktail pioneer.

Pinch and a Punch

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