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What’s more romantic than mixing your sweetheart the perfect cocktail this Valentine’s Day? Romantic dinners, boxes of chocolate and flowers are great, but sometimes the real way to someone’s heart is through a perfectly crafted cocktail. Who can say no to booze? Show them you care with a drink of love and blend up something that will set the mood.

Choose ingredients that will inspire an exciting night with flavors influenced by love and lust. Turn up the heat and create a cocktail using passionfruit juice to perfectly sweeten your drinks. Add some color to your love concoction with violet liqueur, a favorite in martini and cosmo variations. Create true Valentine’s Day magic with chocolate liqueur that will give your drinks a velvety smooth touch. Black raspberry liqueur is a new modern staple at bars, leaving drinks with red color and an intense raspberry flavor perfect for V-day. Class up the night and mix up a champagne cocktail that your sweetie is sure to love.

Complete the drink with a memorable touch of V-day flair. Try garnishing with an edible flower to take your cocktail to the next level of love. Use a strawberry garnish to leave a lasting impression, since this beloved berry is known for its aphrodisiac qualities. If you go with a chocolate drink, rim the glass with chocolate syrup or colored sugar. Have fun with creating a drink that your special someone will remember.

We found a number of amazing cocktails that have love in the name, like the Love Bite and the True Love. As the commercial says “If it has love in the name it must be great".  Share a drink with your beloved with Valentine’s Day and sip on an exclusive cocktail. Creating a unique experience for both of you with hand-crafted cocktails will be a memory you’ll cherish for a long time.

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