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Drinks & Cocktails Collection 10 Famous Movie Drinks For Awards Season

Awards season is here and with it come the red carpets, viewing parties and the yearly emergence of film enthusiasts from around the world trying to guess which films will win or lose. Chances are you're going to one of these movie themed parties or even hosting one, so we went ahead and put together this list of 10 classic movie cocktails (and a few from TV) to help you choose what to make for you and your friends.  Here you'll find some of the silver screen's most popular cocktails such as the White Russian, Vesper Martini, Old Fashioned and many more!

If you're hosting a party most of these drinks can easily be pre-batched. Just mix the flat ingredients together and add garnishes, bubbly ingredients, and ice right before serving. It tastes just as good and will be much easier to manage when your guests arrive!

Bonus: Can you guess which films and series these drinks come from?

(Hint: 3 of them come from TV and 7 from movies)

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